Aronde was the king of Kal Torlin around the time of rise of King Jair. This was the time of King Otto as well. He ruled from Gwynenthel.


Long ago, powerful sorcerers, mighty warriors, and mythical beasts walked the land. In the kingdom of Kal Torlin, a fierce battle raged between the noble king Aronde and the ancient Evil, a dark sorcerer, known as the Warlock Lord. Tempered Steel and courageous knights were no match against his black magic, and soon the kingdom teetered on the brink of annihilation. In desperation the king summoned the master wizard Lakmir the Timeless to thwart the Warlock Lord's plans of destruction. The wizard guided a young warrior, Jair to his birthright. Jair vanquished the Warlock Lord, who was banished within the Castle Shadowgate. In recognition Aronde named Jair, the Lord of Westland, and in time he would become the King of all of Kal Torlin as well. While Lakmir took up residence in the castle to guard against the Evil's return.[1] It was the beloved King Aronde, who urged Jair to work closely with Lakmir and his acolytes. And it was this legacy that Jair followed, when several seasons later, Aronde passed away and left the throne to Jair.

After the death of the great King Aronde, the succession did not proceed well. With failing health and without an heir, the great King had the presence of mind to appoint a successor: Lord Jair of the Westland.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Aronde may in fact be the consoles name for the king, whereas Otto was the name given to the king for the PC versions (and NES/GBC versions). Both are stated to have declared Jair the High Lord of Westland, and both gave their daughters to him. Aronde definitely appears to be based or inspired on a similar named king in Beyond Shadowgate.

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