Belzar was one of Lakmir the Timeless's former students. Belzar bathed in dark waters of black magic until the evil saturated his soul. Belzar was determined to free his master, the Warlock Lord from the Chamber of Holding to exact his revenge upon the land.

Behind the scenesEdit

Noting that Belzar's name appears to be a few letters off of spelling Belezaar and that both are evil wizards apprentice/advisors, and that Aronde is reused by Shadowgate 64, it might suggest that Shadowgate 64 is a possible attempt at retelling, or took inspiration from some of the general ideas of the original concepts for Beyond Shadowgate. Beyond Shadowgate (2016) will apparently retell Del Cottonwood's story as well, and will be closer to the game that ICOM wanted to release for MacVentures decades ago.

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