Not much is known about Del the Halfling except that he was alive over one hundred years after the warrior Jair's quest in Castle Shadowgate, and is been one hundred years since Lakmir's death or disappearance[1], and the Warlock Lord's defeat. He was a traveler, whom Lakmir prophesized would be a hero. It is said he was much like the young Jair at the time Lakmir found him.

What is known is that he was a carefree Halfling of Kal Torlin. He was a freespirit off to seek his fortune. He was traveling on the road of kings with a caravan passing by Castle Shadowgate. The caravan waylaid and came under attack by bandits, and Del was captured and thrown into the dungeon under the castle.

During his escape, he would meet with Lakmir and under the Trials of the Four Towers to prepare him for a showdown with the Warlock Lord. He would be caught up in a monumental battle for good and evil.


  • The Halfling
  • Traveler

Behind the scenesEdit

Del is reimagined as a thief and fenling in Shadowgate (2014) and upcoming Beyond Shadowgate (2016), see Del Cottonwood the Thief

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