A Dragon is a large, ferocious, fire-breathing, winged reptile of great power.

There are at least 37 different types of dragons on Tarkus, as far as we know. the legendary Twelve-headed Black Beast said to be within the Darken Range.

The most common dragon is the Green Dragon, 15 feet tall, dwell within the Torlin Forest and are aggressive fighters.

The Blue Dragon, found in the northern regions, is very large and can breath fire a good distance.

White Dragons are quite rare but not as much as Black Dragons, who are responsible for most of the dragon-related deaths on Tarkus.

Gold Dragons inhabit the plains and are a common pest to farmers and traders, some 30 feet long and, if not hungry, will run from encounters.

Jairen met a dragon when passing the Upper Tyre. He defeated him by using a fire spell taught to him by Lakmir.

A black dragon is encountered in Shadowgate and a gold dragon in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers.

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

The reminagined universe speaks of the Great Wyrm Analoth who was struck down by the Black Axe.

The firedrake turns out to be an actual dragon nether regions from hell.

Wyverns have been upgraded form merely being a cousin of Dragons to be another type of dragon.

Named DragonsEdit