Before ShadowgateEdit

The Dwarves are one of the races descented by the ancient Elverdan who fled to the caves, became short and stooped and learned to work with the ores and minerals beneath the surface. Dwarves and fenlings don't go well along.

The Dwarves knew Hawk as Tyr Kraekn ("he who stalks the shadows").

Goblins, orcs and changelings have alerted the tribe of Avadale. Thirty dwarves under Avadale went to the great council in the city of Rivlyn which hosted representatives of Tyens, druids, and all of the races. Upon their return they stopped in the Farming Plains where they met Jairen and Fez.

Fez brought some Dwarves with him to fight The Warlock Lord's army in the plain under Gatekeeper.

Shadowgate/Shadowgate ClassicEdit

East of the Darken Range lies the home of the mountain dwarves. Beyond the dwarves lies the Dragons' Den.

A group of foolish dwarves who searched under the Gatekeeper liberated the Warlock King from his prison.

Shadowgate 64Edit