Before ShadowgateEdit

The Elverdan were the first the only sentient people of Tyragon and prospered during the Barbaric Age. When the Elverdan began to worship new gods, the One brought forth the Portent of Doom, a flaming star which brought floods and earthquakes. The Elverdan fled into hiding, and became the dwarves, humans, barbarians, fenlings and other races. Some Elvardan remained true Elves.

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

A book in the library DelDanian Saws makes mention of the Elvardan (sic). Another book, The Great Upheaval also speaks of the Elverdan. The One was angry, he brought forth a star, which he named Portent Suprym. The mountains were laid low, and fires scorched the skies. The Elverdan were forced to flee the plains.