The Elves are the most ancient race of Tarkus, their ancestors were the original Elverdan.

During the Dark Years the wood elf Akaar of Agmar united all the elves under one flag and succeeded in defeating the orcs and he drove them back to the lands of doom.

Goth with his elven archers passed the gate of Tor Minath and laid siege there and recognized as one of the greatest elven leaders in all of Tarkus.

After the Light Years Goth was no longer needed by his fellow elves and went to dwell alone in the Torlin Forest. The wood elves seldom speak or guide through that forest. Some elves are also found in the Olden Stand.

K'lynn T'ar ("Gentle Avenger") was an elven sword in the possession of Lakmir the Timeless.

The Elves called Hawk the warrior as Akkar T'pau ("Dancer of death").

When two travelers Jairen and Fez approached the Olden Stand, their King wanted to see them. A band of elves surprised the travelers and tied them with vines. The King noticed the birthmark on the boy and understood he was a descendant of the Kings. He named him Lyth'n K'tarr ("Seed of Prophecy") and ordered his men to guide them through the forest safely.

Later some elven archers followed Lakmir to the plain under Gatekeeper mountain and fought the armies of the Warlock Lord.