The Gatekeeper mountains is a range where Castle Shadowgate is located. It is located near the Darken Mountains. The Darken Range can at least be seen in the distance.


Before ShadowgateEdit

Before shadowgate speaks of the mountain named Gatekeeper Mountain.

Shadowgate ClassicEdit

The comic for Shadowgate Classic mentions; Though Gatekeeper mountain stretches some twenty leagues from Heaven's Spire, the mountains of the Wyreth's Teeth are higher and stretch wider. And though Gatekeeper mountain rises high into the night sky like the jagged teeth of some great slumbering Titan, the Darken Range lies to the north of Gatekeeper mountain and is surely steeper and more treacherous. But of all the lands of Kal Torlin, from the Great Barren Desert to the east to the ruins of Moras Draax in the far west it is the mountain of Gatekeeper which is most feared.

Shadowgate 64Edit

Like the original shadowgate there appears to be only the Gatekeeper mountain. The mountain is surrounded by plains about it. In the end after Del Cottonwood, Halfling destroyed the Spector of the Warlock Lord, the destruction of the wizard destroyed Gatekeeper mountain along with the castle. Only the Four Towers built in the plains surrounding the mountain were left standing.

Beyond ShadowgateEdit

Shadowgate Mountain is located north east of Gwenynthell and the North Woods, just past the Highland Plateaus. It is surrounded by peaceful wood, and allows a spectacular view of the realm of Kal Torlin.[1]

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

In Shadowgate (2014), Gatekeeper Mountain is the name of the spire of mountain on which Castle Shadowgate was built within the Gatekeeper Mountains. Jair Cuthegar is transported to base of the Gatekeeper Mountain to the hidden underground entrance of Castle Shadowkeep by Lakmir of the Circle of Twelve. It is a mountain admidst the Gatekeeper Mountains, spoken of by Fandryl.

Gatekeeper maybe the tallest mountain of the range, and looks over all surrounding land.

On the map of the world the Darken Mountains have been moved far west of Shadowgate. The Dragonfels mountains lay between, and the Spires of Adgor lie directly north. There is amother range to the southwest which the name is cut off (with only 'Mountains' showing up). However in previous games the Darken Mountains appear to be directly to the north.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gatekeeper is first mentioned in Before Shadowgate.

It also is mentioned in Beyond Shadowgate.

Gatekeeper is a mountain or mountain range mentioned in Shadowgate 64 and the 2014 Shadowgate Remake.

Darken Range/Darken Mountains are mentioned in the original Shadowgate and Shadowgate Classic.

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