Gwynenthell (aka Gwynenthel) is the royal city of Kal Torlin according to Beyond Shadowgate and Shadowgate 64 (and Shadowgate Saga: Raven, and further adapted in reboot series). It also appears as the capital city in Shadowgate Classic PC version (and the games based on that version). It was apparently the citadel where Aronde I ruled (or Otto in the Shadowgate Classic PC version).


Shadowgate Classic PCEdit

Gwynenthell is the capital of the Lands, and Otto is the King of the Lands. Gwynenthell appears on certificate and the map of Tarkus at the end of the rerelease, in the location where Stormhaven is listed on earlier versions of the game (of the PC version). That is north of Shadowgate near Tyre Sea. It is mentioned that a picture of Castle Stormhaven still appears on one of the gold coins.

Beyond ShadowgateEdit

Gwynenthell is the royal capital of Kal Torlin, the royal family ruled from Castle Gwynenthell. Aronde II ruled there until he was murdered. The town has streets known as First Avenue, Wall Street, and Main Street. It is located to the south of Gatekeeper Mountain.

Shadowgate 64Edit

Gwenynthel is the capital of Kal Torlin. It is where Aronde I and later Jair ruled.

Shadowgate Saga: RavenEdit

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

Stormhaven and Gwynenthel appear to be two different cities in the reimagined universe.

Finely carved wooden tables could fetch quite a bit on the streets of Gwynenthell.

Behind the scenesEdit

Stormhaven appears in Shadowgate and Shadowgate Classic, as the royal capital city (where King Otto resides). Technically Kal Torlin is not mentioned. Instead there is reference to Tarkus which is the name for the world, but may also represent a continent. Shadowgate 64 attributes much of Otto's plot to Aronde but instead moves his kingdom to Kal Torlin, and describes its capital city of Gwenynthel. This appears to suggest that Stormhaven must be the capital of Westland. Whereas Jair's homeland was switched from Kal Torlin to Westland in the game.

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