Hawk is also known as Akkar T'pau "Dancer of death" by the Elves and Tyr Kraekn "he who stalks the shadows" by the Dwarves.

He showed up attacking a camp of trolls near the swamp of Darkmire while they were preparing to eat Jairen and Fez. The two travelers thanked him and asked him to accompany them in their journey. He also taught some tricks to Jairen.

During their travel they passed through a village that was ruined by Death Wraiths and helped the villagers anyway they could.

Soon after, they met a group of resting Tyens. When Fez insulted one of them, Hawk offered to fight for him. The fight looked like a stalemate until the Tyen slipped and fell to the ground. Hawk refused to kill him, and the Tyen offered his and his tribe's loyalty to him.