Young Jair Cuthegar, was a soldier of Windemere. He is the grandson of Cuthegar


Jair has a sister which he wished would have gotten lost in the reflective maze in the Elven fun house at King Otto's fair. Jair used to watch the performing Steppes Magi in his youth at Stormhaven.

At Windemere Outpost, in dreams Lakmir of the Circle of the Twelve came to him; beseeching and etreating for him to ride south, taking naught by a dirk, a torch, and his courage. Jair embarked on the great quest of a lifetime, a hero's journey. He took to the road, beset by prophetic dreams from Lakmir which lead his way.

Alone he headed south from Rivylyn, he traveled around the Southern Arm, through the Wavenfaayr Wood, past Mireth Xath, beyond the citadel of Murlak Torr, and the Spires of Gimdain, and the darkness of Tahketh's Pass. On his journey encountered great beasts in the shadows of the trees and fought Darkwolves in the mountains.

It was there at Tahketh's Pass, that Lakmir's stone in wait under the shade of the mountain range Gatekeeper none had entered either on foot, on mount, or on wing. It harbored that which had only been spoken of in whispers and ascribed to legend. Shadowgate, the living castle. Reaching the stone, Lakmir gave him one final vision discussing the dark castle. That all was not as it should be, that one of the Council's own was now their great bane, a blight upon them. He brought the ancient keep low, and it lied fallow. It was there, where Jair would find the wizard Lakmir of the Circle of the Twelve, and it was there that Jair would find his great quest, and it was there that Jair would find himself.

Following Lakmir's last words of the vision, Jair stumbled around a bit until he found himself at the base of Gatekeeper Mountain near the secret door into the dungeons of Castle Shadowgate.

He encountering devious traps and denizens and finding numerous ways of shedding the mortal coil (the Grim Reaper always looking out for him).

He would become Jair, Lord of the Westland, reclaims Castle Shadowgate and brings an end to Talimar’s dark reign.


  • The Fool
  • The Seed of Prophecy
  • Lord of Westland

Behind the scenesEdit

He is based on the original Jair but has been given a revamped backstory.