Kal Tarkus is a country or the name for the western continent (possibly also known as Tarkus) on the planet Tyragon (aka Tarkus). It has wild lands and creatures. It is the home of the fenlings.


Kal Tarkus may be contrasted with other continents on the huge world that was Tyragon (which may suggest that its not just the name of country, but the whole continent). Jairen comments in jest that he might be the king of "King of Kal Tarkus" (which appears he is joking at the expense of Fez's homeland). Fez wonders if Hawk is from Kal Tarkus, as he knows of his people. Hawk says he is not, which means he is not from his country, but he certainly appears to be from the continent. Fez also mentions there is enough food in the Farming Plains to feed the entire land of Kal Torkus (sic) for a year (which suggests he speaks of his country, not a continent).

Behind the scenesEdit

It is mentioned several times in Before Shadowgate but it is not clear what is its relation to Tarkus or Kal Torlin. In contrast Tarkus is seemingly the name for the continent, but is also an alternate name for the world (The Arachnid Assassins), but Kal Tarkus could be a country within the continent or alternate name for the continent, but perhaps is both a country within the continent and an alternate name for the continent itself.

Kal Torlin on the other hand is definitely a country on the continent[1]. Another kingdom includes Kal Zathynn and Westland.

Kal maybe the equivalent to 'Kingdom' in the spoken tongue, and Tarkus and Zathynn maybe other kings that once ruled those kingdoms.

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