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A land on the world of Tyragon founded during the Great Expansion, on its main continent. It was named after its first King, Torlin. It is the location of town of Wooddale, and said to be the homeland of Jairen. It seems to lie east of the Western Forest.

Kal Tarkus, Westland and Kal Zathynn border the kingdom.

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Kal Torlin is not mentioned. Only Torlin Forest. If Kal Torlin exists, it may include the royal city of Stormhaven (home to one of the kings) although that city may be the capital city of Westland.

Torlin Forest lies near and to the south of the kingdom.

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At the time of the warrior Jair, it was under the King Aronde. Once a land known for its peace and prosperity, Kal Torlin had fallen into ruin and despair. An ailing King sits upon the throne and the very heart of the kingdom, Shadowgate, now serves as a den of thieves and those seeking their fortunes.[1] Westland are the vassal lands of Kal Torlin, a loose collection of dukes and barons who swore allegiance to Kal Torlin centuries ago. But in recent years it has eroded into dozens of factions who controlled by robber barons and thugs. Westland was also the original homeland of the warrior Jair, where he was born and raised. Gwenynthel is the royal city of Kal Torlin.

It is the location of Gatekeeper mountains, where Shadowgate is said to be the legendary center of magic for Kal Torlin.

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Kal Torlin is a nearby kingdom that borders to the south of Westland. The port city of Gwenynthel is the capital city of Kal Torlin. It is the home of fenlings and humans. Kal Torlin appears to be located to the south of Torlin Forest.

Some forty years following the events of Castle Shadowgate, from the pit Strife had escaped. Left unchecked it moved throughout the Westland, and its bordering ally Kal Torlin. It was there it sowed discord and discontent. The eons lasting peace between the two nations was broken. The capital had shuttered its doors, its docks no longer host to the tall sails of ships from far away lands. Its streets were left empty.

A map in the library says it is of the continental lands of Kal Torlin, thus suggesting that Kal Torlin is also the name of a continent, or that Kal Torlin the kingdom is divided into lands that are on the content, and some that are islands.

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Fan map of Kal Torlin

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