This book shall attempt to explain some of the simple principles behind the laws of magic. The first and most important precept is that although there are many types of magic, all laws apply universally. In this book we shall look at the magics of three of the Four Orders.

This book shall discuss the practice, strengths and differences of Chaos, Order, and Life. Death shall be omitted from this discussion because of the recent forbidding of its usage. A warning needs to be inserted that the magic of Death irreversibly taints the soul.

Having said that, lets look at Magic in general. There are many ways to conjure magic. Each of the Orders have a definitive way to enact its magic. But remember that though different, each has similar results.

Order uses the precise enunciation of the written word learned form spell books. Life employs expansive gestures handed down by word of mouth from master to pupil. Chaos uses a combination of violent gestures and guttural words culled from all the Orders.

Death uses arcane rituals and force of mind. This is only mentioned to demonstrate the differences in conjuring. No more shall be said on Death. The following section looks at some of the more common areas of magic amongst the Orders.

The creation of magical artifacts holds many common attributes. Typically an artifact is bestowed with its magical property so that all can use. This sometimes proves problematic because many novices can too easily manipulate too powerful a magic item.

So the function of personalizing an artifact came into being. This sometimes included a key word or phrase to active the device. But increasingly, the Orders would include a secret mechanism into each of their magics.

For example, The Legendary Staff of Ages, a product of the Order, was personalized for only Lord Jair's use. Another device that allows the manipulation of Order artifacts is the use of a key ring, like the Ring of the Kingdom that many attempt to win through the Trials.

The Order of Life typically employs the use of pure-hearted individuals as a means to unlock its power or other devices like sunlight. However it's enacted, a magical artifact must never be misused or the user will suffer dire consequences.