A book by Lord Marsh of Erehwon.


And on the ninth day of my quest for the Golden Helm of Antioch, I was beseiged by a foul chimera outside the mountains of Sterm! Although the beast put up a gallant fight, it was no match for my incredible strength and I ended up breaking its back... having found the lost Talisman of Rax Toroth in the Forest of Death, I started my journey home when I was attacked by three Black Dragons! The only thing that saved my life was my lightning speed and my skill with the broadsword. I had plenty of dragon meat that night... and after I had rescued the fine damsel from the Death Wraiths, I was immediately set upon by a horde of skeketal warriors! It looked as if all was lost but thanks to my fast thinking and unlimited knowledge of magic, I quickly obliterated them! What a boring fight."