A book by the Great Scribe Karoe DelRoelfs.

"Upon distand winds of desert sand voices did I hear, not a word I heard could I tell you but the message is so clear. I start a journey across the message is so clear. I start a journey across the sands of time my eyes are filled with fears, walking east toward the rising sun meltin all my fears. The blood-red leaves in sunset hues, the cool clean drops of morning dew, the cold hard rock that mountain strewn, the whitened shadow of a winter moon, are far behind me now. I reached the sight which is the end of my quest, disappointment on my face I gaze upon barren ruins choked by sand and I know not the place.
Disembodied voices urge me to go on as I turn my back on the wreck, proceeding to nowhere and even beyond continuing my lonely trek. The eagles flight in clouded sky, the howling emptiness in a lone wolf's cry, are far behind me now.

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