Obelisks are power objects scattered throughout the castle in Shadowgate Mobile and Shadowgate (2014).

They allow Lakmir to communicate with Jair on his adventure, and also pick up a few spells, items, or pieces of Staff of Ages.


Shadowgate Classic MobileEdit

One important Obelisk appears in the Obelisk Room behind the Sewers (which replaces the hidden room behind the dungeon), and another appears on the Battlements.

The Obelisk Room is said to have once been the cell in which the hated Warlock Lord had been imprisoned by the Circle of Twelve.[1]

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

Runic stone-like obelisks appear in Shadowgate (2014) with the same purpose. Jair first encounters one of these stones in the introduction prologue cutscene, before he reaches the secret door into Shadowgate's underground caves. Quite a few of them are scattered through the game, some of them broken.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is similar to how Del Cottonwood the Halfling encounters Lakmir several times throughout Shadowgate 64

In earlier versions of the game Jair only encounters Lakmir (or 'a wizard') behind a stone wall who gives him the Humana spell. This room is replaced with the Obelisk Room.

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