Otto the Great was a King of Stormhaven in Westland (and of Gwynenthell in Shadowgate Classic PC).


Shadowgate/Shadowgate ClassicEdit

His ego was so big that he had put his face twice on all of the kingdom's gold pieces (some earlier coins have a picture of the royal castle of Stormhaven on them). Jair used to enjoy the elven fun house at King Otto's fair.

He bestowed upon Jair the greatest title, vast riches, and his daughter's fair hand.

Otto and Aronde were apparently contemporaries, although Otto may have been the king after Aronde, and thus Aronde's son. Aronde was specifically the king of Kal Torlin at the time the Warlock Lord arose.

Shadowgate 2014/Shadowgate Classic MobileEdit

It is mentioned in Shadowgate (2014) that Otto is king of the lands. Jair Cuthegar once went to Otto's fun fair, and tried to lose his sister in the Elven fun house in the reflective maze. There are also assorted references to his royal city of Stormhaven (or StormHaven).

Otto is not seen at the end of the game however (he is seen at the end of the 2005 Shadowgate Classic Mobile version which Shadowgate (2014) is largely based on).


  • Otto the Great
  • King of the Lands

Behind the scenesEdit

Otto may in fact be the PC (Mac/IBM/Amiga and Palm O/S) name for the king, whereas Aronde was the name given to the king for the Nintendo 64. Only a single reference to Otto appears in the NES/GBC versions of the game; "This room full of mirrors reminds you of the elven fun house at King Otto's fair." (a line that made it from the original version of the game) Aronde definitely appears to be based on a similar named king in Beyond Shadowgate.

There may infact be two "Ottos' as some of the coins speak of Otto in the past tense ("King Otto's ego was as large as his kingdom. He put his face on every coin... twice."). Whereas at the end of the game he certainly meets another Otto in person.

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