"And when the days of the moon appear, the people will call upon their gods and there shall be no answer and the people will see their wickedness and the fire shall fall from the heavens. And a great flame shall come also into their midst and the people... from his hand came lightning and all who saw it were amazed and they bowed down unto him and they did not see his wickedness. Still, some waited for a sign from heaven and it did come to those who waited. For the clouds did part and a sword came... And in the final hourse, a great earthquake did shake the land and all who saw these signs were greatly distressed because they had believed in what the one had said and the things he had done in their midst. Woe unto ye, who reads these prophecies without..."

in the NES and Gameboy Color versions, a book titled Gods has similar but shorter content:

"And when these days appear, the people will call upon their gods and there will be no answer. Nay, only he who carries the sword shall truly be given the scales to judge them by."

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