Before ShadowgateEdit

During the Time of Chaos, the Rage Wars began. The Warlock King emerged to make war on all the good folk of the land. He and his forces--- trolls, goblins, ogres, and the like --- fought hard against the kings of the land and their followers--- the humans, dwarves, elves, and other little folk. Finally, though, the Circle of Twelve gathered strength and helped the kings defeat the Warlock King."

Shadowgate ClassicEdit

While not mentioned directly, it is probably the wars described in the The History of the War of the Kings.

Shadowgate 64Edit

The Rage Wars were fought 153 years before the time of Del Cottonwood the Halfling. At the time Aristolin was alive but was dieing. He sent his servant Dersius to hide most of his treasures in the aqueducts and sewers of Castle Shadowkeep which were under construction at the time. Dersius didn't realize how treacherous the newly constructed sewers were and lost his life under the castle. Aristolin died shortly after.

Some of the material on the Dragonwarders and Dragonkeepers might be related to the time of the Rage Wars as well, if connected back to the The History of the War of the Kings information from the First Story.

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

The Rage Wars were named for the deity of vengeance. It was a time when the Rulers of Taragon allied themselves with the Northern Houses. Both brought war on the combined clans of the Dragonfel (as discussed in Histore et Taragon). Taragon appears to be the name of the planet in the Shadowgate (2014).