Shadowgate is a 1st-person adventure game initially released in 1987 for the Macintosh computer. It has a few sequels: Beyond Shadowgate, Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers, and, almost, Shadowgate Rising and Lands of Shadowgate. The story had a prequel in the form of a book, Before Shadowgate, written by F.X. Nine and included in the Worlds of Power book series.


Lord Jair has been sent by the wizard Lakmir to destroy the Warlock Lord, who lives in the Castle Shadowgate. Along the way, he must assemble the Staff of Ages in order to have a chance at defeating the evil wizard and the Behemoth he plans to summon.


Shadowgate has been released for Macintosh and Atari computer systems, but is perhaps best known for it's release on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Shadowgate was re-released for the Game Boy Color as Shadowgate Classic.

Shadowgate Classic for Windows 95 (and other OS) was an updated version made by Infinite Ventures. With updated graphics.

David Marsh, the creator of the game, plans on re-releasing it for the iOS/Android systems through his game company, Zojoi [1].