Shadowgate may refer to the game by the same name, the series of which the game is a part of, or to Castle Shadowgate a location in the game series.


Original Game & PortsEdit

  • Shadowgate (game) (classic game noteably on Mac/PC DOS/Amiga/AppleIIGS/Windows, etc, with some control changes in the later releases such as mouse control, in both monochrome and 16 color versions.

Shadowgate (Monochrome or limited color)Edit

  • Shadowgate (Mac) (original monochrome version, has unique title screen and credits, "MacVentures")
  • Shadowgate: MacVentures Series (a steam port remake/releases of Mac/AppleIIGS versions of the games, with some modifications such as enlargeable view screens, and alternate credits menu, it is designed to simulate/look like Mac or AppleII menus although appears to be made for native windows, rather than emulation)
  • Shadowgate (PC) (DOS monochrome/4-color CGA, "PCVentures")

Shadowgate (32 color)Edit

Shadowgate (SVGA 256-color)Edit

  • Shadowgate (Win 3.1) (an 16-bit SVGA enhanced remake utilizing 640x480 graphics mode and full 256 color graphics)
  • Shadowgate Classic (Win 95) (A 32-bit compatible verson for win95 pc with some changes and updates to correspond with Shadowgate 64).
  • Shadowgate Classic (PDA) (portable versions based on the win 95 version for Windows CE, PocketPC, and PalmOs)

Shadowgate 8-bitEdit

  • Shadowgate (NES) (8-bit console port on NES)
  • Shadowgate (8-Bit Adventures Anthology, Volume I) Trilogy based on NES Kemco/Icom games, includes a remake of the NES version with added mouse controls and filter features released on Steam, PS4, and XBOX One.
  • Shadowgate Classic (GBC) an adaptation/remake of the NES version with some graphics changes in places and more color added to the screen. The script and music is straight out of the NES version (though modified for the GBC soundchip).



  • Shadowgate Classic Mobile (a reimagining of the original game for mobile phones with new puzzles and locations)
  • Shadowgate (2014) (total reimagiing with further added locations and puzzles, highly inspired by the mobile version and elements of the NES version such as the music)

Comics & LiteratureEdit