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A version for mobile phones in 2005 by Vindigo Entertainment. Though it uses the title of Shadowgate Classic, it uses entirely new graphics once again, and many of the puzzles, challenges, and areas were completely replaced with new ones (to later be used by Shadowgate (2014)).


Welcome to Shadowgate, a compelling world of devious puzzles, fantastic beasts, and heroic challenges. Explore rooms filled with mysterious objects and battle ancient evil in this classic adventure game that has sold over one and a half million copies worldwide. As a descendent from the ancient Line of Kings, you must explore the vast Castle Shadowgate, solve the puzzles of each room, and ultimately find the ancient Staff of Ages, the only weapon that can thwart the plans of the evil Warlock Lord. Shadowgate features rich graphics and a simple interface, creating a unique mobile gaming experience. Shadowgate includes:

  • Over 40 rooms to explore
  • Brand new puzzles to solve, along with past favorites
  • Hundreds of objects and characters to interact with
  • Online and in-game hint system to help you through Castle Shadowgate
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay - five times the play of many mobile games
  • Play at your own pace - there is no penalty to save and return to Shadowgate at any time


The script is adapted too, being more detailed than the NES and Game Boy versions but still missing some stuff from the computer releases. Shadowgate Mobivle removes and adds various things.

A number of the monsters, like the troll, the cyclops, and the sphinx, are completely gone. Therefore, instead of finding a sword and a sling in the closet at the beginning (items needed to kill the cyclops), there's a series of levers which controls the water flow of the castle. You need to use this to get through the waterfall, which you could previously walk right through. One of the underground rooms is now a sewer - the one where you needed to cast a spell on the rope to exit - and instead you need to raise the water to get out. There are a few elemental creatures scattered throughout too.[2][3]

These changes make the port very different. Some of these changes appears to have influenced some of the changes and new puzzles in Shadowgate (2014) including the inclusion of elemetnals such as the Ice Elemental, or Yorick the skull. A Dragon replaces the Wyvern (perhaps the same dragon seen in the dragon's lair).

A walkthrough can be found here[4]

New or modified roomsEdit