Like the creature of Greek origin, the Sphinx challenges Lord Jair with three item-based riddles before he can proceed in Castle Shadowgate. Depending on the version he is actual creature, or a stone statue of a creature.

His riddles are:

You look at me, I look back, your right hand raises, I my left. You speak, but I in vain."

Mirror (from the hall outside)

Long neck, no hands, 100 legs, cannot stand. Born of forest nest, against a wall I rest"

Broom (from the mirror room)

It has towns, but no houses. Forests, but no trees. Rivers, but no fish."

Map (from the study)

I've no eyes, but once did see, thoughts had I but now I'm white, and empty."

Skull (from the study)

I'm a fire's friend, my body swells with wind. With my nose I blow, how the embers glow!!"

Bellows (from the fireplace)

First burnt and beaten, drowned and pierced with nails, then stepped on by long-faced animals."

Horseshoe (from the workshop)

Whenever Jairen visits the sphinx, he will give another riddle. After all the riddles are answer, the sphinx will disappear

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sphinx does not appear in Shadowgate (2014) and Shadowgate Classic Mobile. The 2014 version does have a djinn who functions in almost the same way.