Month of Aries: SW Day It was merely a matter of time before the Watchman discovered our folly. Our nighttime pleasure jaunts were no doubt ill advised. I always suspected he knew of our excursions but a man can only turn a death ear so long. Perhaps they will be gracious with us. After all, the trips were merely an occasional diversion! Will they confiscate the key and tell Good Master Lakmir?

Month of Aries: W Day The Good Master was gracious. A week of shameful labor could be worse, much worse. I have heard that future transgressors will be made to wear the blue ring. It is said, that this ring will drive a man insane.

Man of Aries: NW Day It happened on this day that I beheld a darker side of Lakmir. He appeared from nowhere and yelled at me as I went to clean the fireplace, I quickly forgot my chores as I slinked away.

That night I started to hink: Isn't strange that a tower with no chimney should have a fireplace. I realized that such thoughts were dangerous but I could not help but think them as the moon rose over the third tower.

And I dreamnt of a grinning skull wearing a ring of blue that cried out for it's brothers of red and green. And in it, I saw the answers and a voice told me that once you're through with one world, there's another waiting there.

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