Talimar the Black, was once the Druid brother of Lakmir the Timeless. He was one of the most powerful druids among the Circle of Twelve.

The Warlock Lord or Tykl Droelyn is a wizard of supreme power, and the primary antagonist of heroes in the Shadowgate universe.

However during the Great Expansion, Talimar turned evil, sought evil power for his own gain and turned each race against the others and plotted to overthrow the Circle. He was banished and named him Warlock King. At the Time of Chaos he went up against the Great Kings and he did blasphemy in their midst. The Kings did not have the knowledge to defeat him so they called upon the great rocs and were lifted away from him. But the Kings didn'tt control the dragons of that land and there was a war as none had ever known before or will ever know again!

The Circle gathered strength to help the kings to defeat the Warlock King. He was put in the caverns below Castle Shadowgate.

In the Light Age a group of foolish dwarves liberated the Warlock King from his prison. Under the Castle Shadowgate the Warlock King planned to resurrect the titan Behemoth. Lakmir was looking for a hero who would defeat the Warlock King again and this was done by Jairen who reconstructed the Staff of Kings.


  • Talimar the Black
  • The Evil
  • Evil One
  • Warlock King
  • Warlock Lord
  • Tykl Droelyn
  • Witch King
  • The Master