The One created the heavens and the earth, giving birth to the Four Order which govern in is stead, they are: Chaos, Life, Order and Death. All hang in the balance and none hold sway over any other. For if one of the orders holds sway- the world ends and begins anew.

The Quo'thra, or fairies, were the first born. Heedless, carefree and possessing no worries. They were weak- minded and sought only pleasures. The Four Orders easily manipulated them- threatening the balance. The One was greatly displeased.

The One decreed that the Four could make war through the Quo'thra, and thus the world ended. And from the ashes evolved the Jo'Hira, more commonly known as elves. The Jo'Hira became the chosen people. And the One was pleased.

Seasons passed upon the new paradise and the Jo'Hira joyfully ministered to the One. Then the Great Turning began- the collective mind of the Jo'Hira was subverted by the Order of Chaos who sought to gain power over his brethren. The One saw his people corrupted...

With much displeasure, He magnified the power of Chaos over the Jo'Hira and the world ended once more! In the madness that followed, the Jo'Hira that survived sought protection in all manner of place,The madness subsided and Chaos rejoined his brothers.

The Jo'Hira emerged from hiding- and they were changed... Those who hid on the plains became man. Those from caves became dwarves. Those from the north became barbarians. Those from swamps became Fenlings... Thus the races were formed and the One was pleased...

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