"(Author's note: The information compiled here is limited. The secrets of the Druids stil remain intact and are unavailable indefinitely.) The Castle Shadowgate is not the largest castle on Tarkus but is the most powerful because the castle is inhabited by the Druids. Although Shadowgate is composed of over a hundred and fifty rooms few are accessible to anyone but one of The Circle of Twelve. The walls of the castle are very much alive and obey the commands of the Druids; thus secret chambers are abundant. Shadowgate is also an extremely well fortified castle; during times of war it is the most secure place on Tarkus. During the Dark Years and the Rage Wars, Shadowgate served as the Kings' stronghold and proved to be the deciding factor in the Kings' victory"

In the NES and Gameboy Color version, the text is shorter:

"The Castle Shadowgate is not the largest castle on Tarkus, but is the most powerful. The castle is surrounded by an impenetrable mountain known as Gatekeeper. Only members of the now lost Circle of Twelve can enter it. It is said that the walls of Shadowgate themselves are quite alive."

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