"The Circle of Twelve was formed before most things began to be. The Circle was composed of twelve of the most powerful Druids on the face of Tarkus. The names of the Druids were: Framus the Golden Garolin the White, Talotin the Gray, Ronlin the Beautiful, Talimar the Black Magnas the Wise, Wontave the Giver, Butwik the Seeker, Tenmakk the Healer, Sharmir the Pure, Lakmir the Timeless, and Turgor the Swift. The Circle was broken when Talimar the black sought evil power for his own gain! When it was discovered that he had been plotting to overthrow the Circle, he was cast out and banished from the Twelve forever! Since that time he has lost his title and was named The Warlock Lord! It is not known if the Circle still exists but it is said that if the world be in peril again, they will somehow use their mystic arts to intervene for the side of good!"

In the NES and Gameboy Color version, the text is shorter.

"The Circle of Twelve was formed before most things began to be. Their names are... Framas, Garolin, Talotin, Ronlin, Talimar, Magnas, Wontave, Butwik, Tenmakk, Sharnir, Lakmir and Turgor. Lakmir, and Turgor. The Circle was broken when Talimar took a new name: "The Warlock Lord!""

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