After the death of the great King Aronde, the succession did not proceed well. With failing health and without an heir, the great King had the presence of mind to appoint a successor: Lord Jair of the Westland.

This turned into a favorable decision by commoner and nobleman alike. Jair's leadership and courage, tempered with his upbringing and compassion for the people, rivaled even King Aronde's However, one family opposed the choice - the Dreslin family.

The Dreslins were an illustrious family of old lineage that served as chief vassals for generations. Supported by other conservatives who relied more on tradition than the welfare of the kingdom, the Dreslin's mounted a political campaign against Jair.

More renowned as castle builders than as statesman, the Dreslin's political gambit failed. In the end, the more extreme factions of the family planned to assassinate the newly crowned Jair. Their plan was thwarted. Jair, out of mercy, and because of his short

tenure on the throne decided to spare them. Thus, the Dreslin family holdings and lands were confiscated but they still retained their duties to the royal throne of Kal Torlin. Berect of power, they were still a proud family.

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