As has been seen so far in our investigations into the magic arts, it takes years of study and practice to successfully use these skills. the exception to this rule is the use of a previously prepared spell, in the form of a scroll or book. These mechanisms were specifically designed by the Great Druids to enable neophytes to make use of a magic spell when such was desirable. A scroll is a magic item that, when prepared correctly, has the ingredients necessary for a spell embedded in it. The needed words, inflections, and most importantly the magic power (Mana) are all part of the fabric of the scroll. To apply the power of the scroll, one need only invoke its substance upon the desired object of the magic. The scroll will take care of the rest. Of course, since the scroll ocntains the Mana, it can be used but once and then it is consumed. Books with embedded magic spells work much the same, although they often have protections added to...