A book found in the library of the Castle Shadowgate.

"The areas not mentioned in this book are still unknown to man and elf alike. Little is known about what lands reach farther south than the Torlin Forest, primarily because no one has yet navigated the entire forest. The wood elves speak little of it and do not guide through it. To the west lie the lands of griffons and centaurs. Tharn Port is one of the few outposts along the edge of the Westland Sea. Beyond the sea is also unknown. What little we do know about it comes from the writings of Terman the Voyager, and these speak vaguely about creatures of immense horror and lands of unclaimed riches. The swamp lands are to the north, and east of the Darken Range lies the home of the mountain dwarves. Beyond the dwarves lies the Dragons' Den and few venture there..."

In the NES and Gameboy Color version, the book is titled Westland and the text is shorter:

"Areas not mentioned in this book are still not known to neither man nor elf. The chief borders are the Torlin Forest to the south, the Westland Sea to the west, swamp lands to the north and the Darken Range to the east."