People of Kal Torlin, the evil which has threatened our land is sealed away forever. We are indeed safe. However, I ask you to look around. The ravages of war are all about you. All the evil that has been done needs to be set right.

Look at the land: the trees and the plans have all withered. The ground is scorched beneath our feet. For us, who have survived a new battle now begins- to secure our future. We have to restore our believed country. We need to rebuild from the ashes.

Since magic has caused much of the blight on the land, it is only right that magic be part of its cleansing. Therefore, I ask that Lakmir open Shadowgate to those that will learn his ways. With guidance, these sorcerers will be called on to rebuild and defend Kal Torlin.

Editor's note: Lakmir the Timeless agred and dedicated the four towers of Shadowgate to the cause. One for the use of training young sorcerers. One as his personal quarters. And one as a testing place for those sorcerers who would serve the royal family.

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