The Trials of the KingdomEdit

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And so Lakmir the Timeless worked towards transforming the castle Shadowgate into a place of teaching. A place of service. A place where all could come and learn. Commoner and noble alike. The search for magic was denied no one. This proved to be the demise of the plan.

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For the mechanisms for training were put in place. This allowed those both skilled and unskilled in the magical arts to vie for the sorcerous rank and the Ring of the Kingdom. Those born with the gift did not suffer long those who had no magic in them.

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They became prideful and deemed the teachings too easy in order to accommodate their lesser brethren. Thus an elitist attitude formed for those pursuing the humble station- servant to the Kingdom. A deadly state of mind that ruined many a sorcerer's chance at greatness.

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And the mechanism for testing was erected- the Trials! These were meant to test all aspects of a man's being before he was to be found worthy. But even these noble tests were found wanting, for the commoner thought them biased towards the noble.

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An example often cited was the emphasis upon crests and lineage in the tests. These, many complained, were needlessly mired in the politics of the day. For many crests were but minor variations on others. And the intricacies were lost on the commoners.

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For example, the silent dragons of the Royal Family's crest was a minor variation to the screaming ones on another prominent house. Too, the double entrance to the tower on the Royal crest was a slight variation from others. And the variations go on and on...

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Many questioned the need to know such minutiae, claiming it was all politics. For truly, what use is it to know the difference between the frowning boar of the House of Valdor versus the grinning boar of the House of Hiri?

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So the doom continued, festering amongst the up and coming ranks of new sorcerers. Those in higher stations quietly questioned why Lakmir did nothing. I, humbly put, see it as an oversight to one who had the crushing responsibility to help rebuild a kingdom.

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Yes, things continued spiraling downward until it reached its current status. Decreased enrollment, few passed the trials- especially since the addition of the new administrator Nathor. The Timeless one's failing health. The crumbling condition of the castle.

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These problems multiply as Kal Torlin struggles to arise from the ashes of the Warlock Lord's madness. I wish we could be more like the Westland, homeland of the legendary Lord Jair, a loosely governed confederate free to chart its own course- its own way.

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