Torlin Forest is a large forest on Tarkus which lies within or to the south of Kal Torlin.


Shadowgate ClassicEdit

The map of lands of Tarkus which is focused on the region around Kal Torlin places Torlin Forest in southern edges of Kal Torlin west of Shadowgate.

It has not been mapped whole and some believe that it is endless. The Wood Elves speak seldom about it. As a result little is known about what lands reach farther south of those lands.

The forest is divided into four main sections, one of which is called Marion.

It is made up of virtually every tree known. There are some magically enhanced paths that thread the inner forest that are safe routes for rangers and common folk alike. Non-magical ones are extremely dangerous.

The humanoid inhabitants of the forest seem to be primarily wood elves and nomad humans. The subhuman and nonhuman creatures that are found within the forest include Green Dragons, minotaurs, werebears and wraiths

When the Light Years came, Goth retreated alone in the Torlin Forest.

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

In Shadowgate (2014), Torlin Forest is located directly south of the Dragonfel mountains, and southeast of the Darken Range. West of the Mithdain Mountains and southwest of Gatekeeper mountains and Castle Shadowgate. It is far southeast of Jair Cuthegar's hometown of Windemere Outpost.

A desk in the library was made from wood perhaps harvested from Torlin Forest.