Traal has several meanings including that a name for one of the worlds moons, and also amonth of the year.


Before ShadowgateEdit

Traal is the fifth moon of Tyragon. Because of its position and rotation, it is seen only as a crescent.

Shadowgate 64Edit

Traal is one of the months of the year.

Shadowgate (2014)Edit

Mentions a moon named Thal (as mentioned in Thall III) (plus references to possibly more than one sun). The game also seems to go with the idea of there being 'the moon' a single moon of the planet Taragon. Thus Thal is apparently a name for that moon.

Behind the sceneEdit

Depending on the game or source the world of Shadowgate is known as Tarkus (classic Shadowgate) or Tyragon (Before Shadowgate), although sometimes simply referred to as 'earth'. Likewise the world is described as having only a single moon, 'the moon', although Before Shadowgate establishes it has having five moons. Shadowgate 64 refers to 'Traal' but in regards to being one of the months of the year along with Aries.

In Shadowgate (2014) it also appears that the world Taragon only has one moon named Thal (named of a line of kings named Thal).