Originally Tylomyrof the First Circle.

Talimar escaped his bonds some forty years before the rise of Jair Cuthegar. He had been bound to Shadowgate by the Circle of Twelve who had pity and mercy on him, and chose to only imprisoned him when they should have killed him.

He escaped and lay war on the world of man, laying the lands in waste. The Circle of Twelve were powerless to stop him and all were killed but [[Lakmir of the Circle of Twelve (Lakmir the Timeless). Now known as the Warlock Lord he went about collecting the skulls of circle of Twelve to increase his powers. He was not able to find Fandryl the High and one other.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some of this additional backstory may have first appeared in Shadowgate Classic Mobile. As it appears in new cutscenes associated with Lakmir of the Circle of the Twelve found by activating new Obelisk puzzles. The Obelisks first appeared in the mobile version.

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