Tyragon is another name for the world of Shadowgate, also known as Tarkus.

It is orbited by at least five moons, one of which is Traal.

Locations include Kal Tarkus, Kal Torlin, Kal Zathynn, and Ty'Enoa is in the Eastern continent.

There is also the Sea of Blood, the Tyre Sea and the Isles of Tagor and Yeklum Iret, and the Westland Sea.


Tyragon and all life was created by the all-powerful One. The Elverdan (Elves) were the only sentient people and prospered during the Barbaric Age. When the Elverdan began to worship new gods, the One brought forth the Portent of Doom, a flaming star which brought floods and earthquakes. The Elverdan fled into hiding:

  • Those who had fled to the caves became short and stooped and learned to work with the ores and minerals beneath the surface; the dwarves.
  • Those who fled across the southern deserts and learned to band together in tribes and tame the beasts, became the humans.
  • Those whoe went into the north cold wastes were strengthened fighting the element, and are called barbarians.
  • Those who fled into the swamps, grew short and agile, the fenlings
  • Other Elverdan became other races, including a few true Elves.

During the Age of Enlightenment, all the races grew and prospered and explored the world. They formed the Circle of Twelve, a council of knowledge that met at the Castle Shadowgate within the Gatekeeper Mountain.

During the Great Expansion, there were many wars over boundaries and Kal Torlin was founded. This led to the War of the Races, when one member of the Circle turned evil and turned each race against the others. He was banished and named Tykl Droelyn or Warlock King.

At the Dark Age that followed, the races attempted to rebuild themselves, but the the Warlock King begun the Rage Wars against everyone with trolls, orcs, goblins and other creatures.

The Time of Chaos came and the Circle gathered strength to help the kings of their lands to defeat the Warlock King. He was put in the caverns below Castle Shadowgate and when the Circle disbanded, Lakmir the Timeless stayed behind.

The Rebuilding Years were followed by the Time of Sorrow, when almost all of the Elverdan disappeared mysteriously, and the last of the DelDanian seers died.

The most recent age was the Light Age, a good time for all races. But then, a group of foolish dwarves liberated the Warlock King from his prison. Lakmir was looking for a hero who would defeat the Warlock King again. This was done by Jairen who became the new king of Kal Torlin.


Dindin, banty, tikka


Winker-bug, Spring-fly, Wood-snit, shippu