Westland was the homeland of Jair. Its royal capital city appears to be Stormhaven where King Otto once ruled.


Before ShadowgateEdit

It is said that the Upper Tyre flows from the north, and it is the border between the lands of Westland and Kal Zathynn. In this version, Jair doesn't appear to be from Westland, and the location is only mentioned in brief (he never visits it either).

Shadowgate/Shadowgate Classic PCEdit

Westland is mentioned in the context of Westland Sea (The New Atlas), and at the end the King of all Lands; Otto, makes Jair the Lord of the Westland. But there is very little describing what Westland is.

Shadowgate 64Edit

It is mentioned that Jair was originally form Westland, and later was made Lord of the Westland by king Aronde (The Trials of the Kingdom).

It was a loosely governed confederate free to chart its own course in its own way.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Shadowgate 64 Westland was the homeland of the warrior Jair. In Before Shadowgate his homeland was in Kal Torlin instead. New Shadowgate 2014 again changes his homeland to Windemere.

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